Conundrum Update....>>>

In bed last night I had an 'epithany' moment!LOL (Yes, I dream dolls) I wondered how it would work if I put a patio in that dark back area? The bathroom could go next to it maybe?
So will a 'glass' wall between the two buildings looking out onto a patio and the bathroom next to the patio?  I thought the side wall of the bathroom could be 'frosted glass' this would still allow light into the bathroom....would this work?
Well, yes and no! The design looks good and I like it BUT it does make the rest of the apartment a little small?
Then...... Ding Dong... anyone home? Why not swap the Apartment's in the corner with the hotel next door? If I no longer need to fit a kitchen, living room and bedroom in .... just the bedroom and a sitting area YES! Yes, it works!


  1. Your rooms are looking good! i cant waite till you start shooting stories again and what adventures will lurk around the corner for our favorites!

  2. I like that idea of a patio. I think there are tutorials around on how to make a trellis, if you're interested. That would bring in a lot of green leaves and roses or vegetables, etc.


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