Children's Room and the big clean up

 Dawn and Ben's bedroom
 Neal and Sarah's guest room... OK, it needs a little work!
 And now onto my clean up
 I have tried to keep things tidy but well... things get messy so I had a two day clean up

 Hay look guys.... TOILETS!

Does it look tidy? No? Well you should have seen it before!
This Shop fridge arrived
Not sure why the phone?.... But I'm always looking for phones and this is a nice one!
Yes, I know I have more wallpaper than a DIY store but I needed some plain ones!
OK, so can you see the plan ones... I did get some.... honest I did! LOL

Got some great patterns.... OK, so add wallpaper to my addictions list!

Glitter flowers are very 'in' at the moment and these are such pretty colours
New rugs and mirrors. Going to use the round mirrors as place mats
This I Pad is so cool
Even has the Apple logo on the back
Some medical equipment all made of mettle!
 So I had to put this packaging in. It's for the clamps.... but looks like a mould for something? Not sure what though?????


  1. "Clamps", huh? Yeah right. hahah! I both envy your doll room and feel really sorry for you! So much work! It's looking great!

  2. I now have a psychiatrist on board if you ever get overwhelmed with it all. Yes it does look tidy! The refrigerator cooler is neat!

  3. You have so much amazing doll's accessories. I'm so jealous lol!


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