Design Conundrum???

 So I've moved on to building the apartments in the adjacent corner. Trouble is how do I make it work?
 Thing is the apartment streches into the corner
 So how do I make it work?
 Open plan is a given
 But the bathroom?
 At the front? No, this blocks out the kitchen!

 Along the side? Maybe?

 In the middle? Might be possable?
 Would make the living area small?
 I can take the side wall down for access to the bedroom.
 This is looking like the best floor plan


  1. I love what you're doing! Here's what I ask myself... what do I want to lead with? What's the money shot? Is the bathroom going to be the "wow?" Is it to late to put an exterior window at the far end? Those are fun for lighting. Anyway, you have me inspired. I've been wanting to do a new room too. Keep going!

  2. If you are going for realism, you have to remember the pipes for water and heat only move in two directions...up and down. So the kitchen and bathroom need to be close, and each apartment should have the same layout scheme.


  3. I had an 'Epiphany' moment in the night... I guess about the time 'Super Cool Doll House' posted and thought I might see if it was possible to put a little garden in the corner? This could be accessed by both the apartment and the building next door (Hotel)Then I could have Patio doors from both buildings coming out into it?


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