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 Getting ready to start on the next floor... but first
 Neal and Sarah's bedroom
 I thought the bedding looked a bit Art Deco so I went for this 20's Fan design
 A builder is fixing the fire to the wall, it's one of those new newfangled things... is it a fire or a TV or BOTH?
 Behind the bed is the walk in wardrobe
 With mirrored end panels

 The ligh still needs to go up in the dressing area
 Neal and Sarah's bathroom
 With working light
 Neal's office. The desk was to short so I used two FR stands to make it higher.
 Next door the family have two daughters. Roz's bedroom
 The girls joint bathroom (still awaiting doors)
 And the younger daughter Eve's bedroom.
 And now back to the next floor up
 The builders are working hard installing the ceiling in Neal and Sarah's home

 Below a quick picture of the children's ward
OK, so a lot of you know my little.... fetish!LOL
I put it down to Barbie not having toilets when I was little! Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!
Oh, and anyone got any toilets different to what's shown and your willing to sell... please contact me


  1. Susannah, I am so loving Sarah and Neal's home. It looks really good. Your toilet collection is amazing.

  2. It's looking great! Those workers crack me up. Tell them they are doing a wonderful job. Love the master bedroom with the wardrobe behind it. And you know how I feel about your toilets.


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