Finished Neal and Sarah's Home.....

The top floor (attic) is the nursery and nanny's room's

Setting out the rooms to see if things fit

Nersury to be?

And now.... almost ready for baby

Yes, we know it will be a girl

The floor below is for the guest bedroom (still awaiting the bedside tables)

At the moment the bed base is a box but I hope to make a proper day? LOL

This is the bedroom for Dawn and Ben. Sarah and Neal thought about giving them separate rooms but the children are still only little and like being together.

Now back upstairs this will be Molly (the nanny's) bathroom

Her large now decorated room with kitchen and lounge area as well as her bed area.

Just waiting for the re-painted wardrobe.


  1. I want to live in that guest bedroom! :D It's coming along so nicely!! Stunning work!

  2. Love everything Susannah! Love your wallpaper choices.

  3. That nanny has a really nice room. I love the wallpaper in the guest room. Everything looks wonderful. You see the chandelier in the guest room? That was just like the ones at the ebay link you sent to me, that I can no longer find. Did you by chance remember who it was?

  4. Beautiful! I also want to live in that guest room!


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