The way it works... OR The way it don't work!

Problem is I started with Neal and Sarah's home and then found I needed to work from the corners outwards so I started on the hospital (nearest corner the N&S home. So then I was waiting for things to arrive and paint to dry so I started on the middle (shopping Mall) then I could not find half the items I'd brought so I went up a floor... Clothes but no hangers... so back to the hospital... then I start on house 2 the one between N&S and hospital... then up a floor in the middle and I start work on the BEACH!!! So now I'm back working on the HOSPITAL!
What do I need to continue with my story? Well, the hotel of course! That's around the other side and I need to complete the shells on four apartments before I can even START on that!


  1. Poor thing! I feel your pain. I've learned to shoot videos without homes being completely finished, else, I would probably never shoot another video. There are 2 interior designers in my stories, so everyone's home always seem to be in the midst of a remodel and that becomes part of the story. LOL!


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