Mini Update......

 This set was made for midgets! LOL But my FR dolls are on the tall size
 The table was easy to sort out but the chairs?
 I can use these white ones for now
 But I just love these 'Macintosh' style chairs
 Anyone any suggestions on how I can make the legs longer... about 3cm (1 inch)
 Neal and Sarah's living room
 Another angle

Sarah felt the old table was to small with their ever growing family so she wanted a bigger one
 Another angle
 Neal's office needs a bit more furniture
 This is the house next door
There lounge/dining room


  1. Wow Susannah, I love Neal & Sarah's home...very classy! I am loving the decor. The other home is nice as well.

  2. I just subscribed to your blog, and I am in absolute awe of your doll rooms!! I'm over here salivating. lol How long has all this taken you? It's amazing!

  3. Thank you! I moved here three years ago and the doll room was built in Jan/Feb... this has been going on since then! If you go back to the beginning on the blog you can see it being built ... and my helpers (both doll and human)

  4. Amazing rooms! I am your fan (because i love dollhouses, and you have the most spectacular doll house i ever seen)
    Best Regards!


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