Update for this week...>>>

 Looking through the window at Sarah and Neal's new kitchen
 From another angle, the units are still to be painted
 Ground for of house #2 and looking into the ground floor hospital. Not done anything much to these rooms this week
 First floor of the hospital just fitted the ceiling (hence the clips)
 On the second floor to the left the operating room, behind the stripy wall   is the waiting room and on the right ICU. The walls are not fixed yet and some have decided to curve a little? Not sure how to stop this but I think they will be OK once the doors and windows are fitted and then I can make the walls more permanent?
 Oops! call in the builders the ceiling is fulling down!!!!
Close up of the operating room. The phone is one of those speaker phones still awaiting the Telecom guy!
 And with the surgeons out of the way, I've made the bed higher and longer. Covered some foam core with black shiny sticker back plastic. I also sprayed the pink bed table silver and I think it makes an OK table for the surgical instruments?

 A couple of pic's of my spraying room. Well this is my study cleared out ready for the re build

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  1. Wow! Fabulous! I get excited when I see your updates. It really is coming along. :)

  2. Looks good Susannah! I am looking so forward to seeing your town as a whole. It is coming along very nice.


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