A Little Progress....

I've made a little progress, I think a lot of what I do could be classed as 'behind the scenes' or the stuff I keep messing up on!!!!
So I've been working on the kitchen in house 2 and the hospital.... Oh, and some work on the beach, Shopping Mall walls and a couple of other things! I think you know by now I'm not so good at doing one thing at a time!
OK, back to today.....
 This is the Maternity suite

 The ceiling and walls are not fixed in to place yet
 And these are my two midwives
 Next to the Maternity suite is the children's ward and these are the two nurses who will be looking after my poorly little ones
 Then down two floors is the General Ward where you can see the brown wood at the front will be a wall joining it to House 2 next to that will be a window looking out on the town.
 It still needs a lot of work as I think it looks more like a dormitory at the moment? It needs curtains around the beds and some sort of panel that runs along the back wall for plugs oxygen etc.
 Oops! Looks like someone needs a doctor? The lift doors have fallen on him! I can't fix these in until I have the door made to the office next to the lift!
 These are the doctors and medic's who will be in charge of the General ward. Although Matron is in charge of all the nurses within the hospital.
 This next floor is between the Maternity/children's floor and the General Ward. It's divided into three sections. On the left this room will be the operating theatre in the centre is the family room and on the right ICU. The theatre will be wall in when finished with a door at the end.
 This is the wallpaper in the ICU room
And this will be in the family room.


  1. This is absolutely fabulous! :) Especially your midwife photo looks just like one I have after my fourth was born. I love it!

    I posted a link to your blog on the Fashion Doll Review Facebook page--hope that's OK!

  2. You are making great progress. I love the maternity suite! That's a nice looking hospital staff you have there. Reminds me of Grey's Anatomy.

  3. I lost my head (and words too), when i read your blog!
    It's amazing, and I following from now.
    best regards!

  4. Love how it's coming together Susannah! Love your wallpaper choices.

  5. I just found this blog yesterday, and I'm really enjoying catching up and watching the rooms go together. The pic where the guy had the elevator fall on him made me literally laugh out loud.


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