A Tour of the town...

OK, so don't get all excited two posts in one week I know! So I thought I would show you how the town is progressing... or not!
Looking across the bottom of the town (room) Straight ahead is the Hotel, to the left Hospital (out of view) and two Apartment buildings eight apartments in total.
Along with all the other things I have a bit of a wallpaper fetish!!!!
Looking down on the left side of the room. Two houses on the left are in view directly in front is the hospital. On the right Shopping Mall on the lower two floors then it will be beach and park next floor up is the Airport and top floor will be more shops.
All waiting to move in
More lighting and ahmmm (dis) organized mess!!!
The Night club and restaurant will be on two floors.Below the club at the moment is a load of children's stuff but one day will be Darius's studio department.
Looking down on the right hand side of the room... to the left is the shopping mall etc and on the right apartments, night club, school and hotel. Across the back wall more apartments.
The same side but taken from the other end. You can just see my desk on the right and ahead will be more apartments and houses.
A TON of greenery
Some ladies are heading for Edwards Fashion Emporium
These are actually apartments but they are storing hospital stuff while the hospital is being built.
Looking down on the Mall
One day this will all be gone! Well, maybe not gone but spread around more and these will be two houses in the middle and apartments either side
OK, and now for something else....
From this.....
to this
The other day I showed you my very pink bar... well not so pink any more!
This will be a Beach Bar

And a delivery from Amber....
Beautiful table and chairs (with rug)
What's the pink thing?
Why a cot of course! No I'm not showing you it in detail or even telling you who it's for... you will just have to wait for The Priors (my doll story) to start up again.
To finish a few more pictures of the bar with a couple of patrons....


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