I'm often asked about storage, do I have a magic system? Nope it's a mess and I often spend longer looking for stuff than making stuff. A quick tidy can take days as I often stop for a quick 'play with some long lost item. I have things like soldering irons and blow torches still not removed from boxes! I have things I remember buying but have stored them away so well I have never seen them since! I'm forever saying I should have a second floor on the doll room (can't happen not designed that way).
I have stuff in many rooms and even when I have a clear out I still have as much as before... or even MORE? How does that happen???
 All the boxes are filled with... I know not what?
 I've started on a second row with the wheely gig on the right in the above picture
 Secret peek at my ambulance
 More storage boxes and my wallpaper collection. I also have two double and two single kitchen base units filled with fabric. A double and single wall unit also filled with 'stuff'!
Spare dolls awaiting... well in this case new bodies.
Next up my DAD'S SHED
 I have taken over  fare bit of his shed with my spray painting
 and storing stuff awaiting painting
Along with polystyrene that I use between floors in my doll room. 
 Should all be dioramas but is used for storage too!
 Chinese boxes full of little things
 A basket filled with lighting. Behind the white boards? Dioramas naturally!
 Box in corner
 These little boxes are mostly filled with shoes
 Spare clothes in my hand made storage wardrobes
 More shoes
More clothes
 The aqua coloured drawers on the right.. there are two and they are filled with furniture
Dolls, Dolls and more DOLLS! I have still not returned them to the doll room as it's easier to work without moving them around all the time.
I also have a loft filled with unwanted 'stuff' that I will one day... when I have nothing better to do go though and get rid of!


  1. We're did you find the Ambulance love it

    1. It's the new Mattel one and I have re-vamped it

  2. Thank you for sharing these photos! It is good to see that I am not the only one who doesn't know where everything is! 😜I am trying to get it all organized in one room, but there is simply too much stuff. My dolls have taken over several areas in my home!

    1. Yes, mine are everywhere, doll room, study, dining room and often a few bits creep into other areas too!

  3. I understand storage is THE battle, and I only have three years of accumulation. Every time I walk in the door, hubby gives me the evil eye, if I am carrying anything bigger than a lunch bag. (Amazing what you can cram in a lunch bag. LOL)

    1. I'm lucky I don't have that problem although my dad is always moaning about all the boxes in the trash....he spends most days at my home (I have a bigger TV LOL)

  4. I'm constantly re-organizing my Craft / Doll Room and adding labels (I use removable ones in case I need to re-locate a bunch of items) - it seems to be a never ending task. If I didnt have the labels I would NEVER find anything. LOL

    1. I try to label stuff, but I still think I'm young and have a good memory....I'll just put that in there I'll remember where it is LOL. Of course I'm not young and I don't remember


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