Diorama Dolls

These are the dolls I make my dioramas for...
Starting with the little ones

Going from left to right
  1.  I found this one on E.Bay it's a little bigger than most but still workable. Look for OOAK dolls then check out miniature/Barbie or doll house. 
  2. This one is hand made and gifted to me. Also look on Etsy 
  3. A Mattel baby
  4. This little one I found at a car boot sale and the clothes are painted on, advantage for this one is she will stand on her own.

Going from left to right
  1.  Doll house baby with beanbag body
  2.  Mattel doll she has been re-painted 
  3.  Generic baby doll I think it might be from the Steffi line?
  4.  Mattel doll also re-painted

Going from left to right
  1. Mattel Shelly/Kelly/Chelsea or whatever they are calling her this week?
  2. Nari Pon from Japan and no longer made but I love the articulation and she is wigged.
  3.  Mattel Shelly/Kelly/Chelsea on a Obitsu 11cm body. They come with two skin-tones natural or white. Another great thing with this body is it comes apart and you can buy extra hands.
  4.  This one was brought on the secondary market I think she is a Lati white but I could be wrong?

Going from left to right
  1. Mattel Stacie (well Janet but Stacie sized)
  2.  Ruruko from Japan. Her hands and feet are removable for easy dressing. You can also buy extra hands.
  3. KENYA FASHION MADNESS - KEYSHIA Doll. I brought a couple of these and swapped one of my OHC dolls into the body.
  4. Only Heart Club with original body. I have body swapped most of mine onto Pure Neemo Flection XS body also swapped a couple of Stacie dolls.

Moving on to a more teen body

Going from left to right

  1. High school musical doll (male dolls are so much harder to find)
  2. Momoko from Japan
  3. Mattel Skipper (OK Courtney) head swapped onto a LIV body. The LIV dolls have good bodies but come with big heads and I can't do the big head thing.
  4. Lynne from Japan can on a Dynamite doll body. This is the first style used for the dynamite dolls. Hands removable.
  5. Newer styled Dynamite doll. Check out bellow the main difference is the feet. Hands Removable.

Next up we move into the adult sized 1/6 scale fashion dolls
These are just a few of the body styles used by Mattel (and me)

Not all my dolls have been head/body swapped but on the most part if they are not articulated I change them. 
From left to right

  1.  On original body love the sun-kissed body with tan lines, one day I will find a perfect one or repaint the rubbed bits. Arms do not bend but a little movement in the knees.
  2. One of the first jointed bodies made for gymnastic's, bike ridding, horse ridding etc. Note: the big flat feet she can stand alone but it's a nightmare finding shoes for her.
  3. The double bent arms very popular (with Mattel) in the late 80's 90's and beginning of the 00's. she does at least have a little bit of knee movement. This style of dolls was for the nicer play line dolls.(awaiting a better body) 
  4. Straight armed Barbie used on the cheaper lines and dolls aimed at young children because they are easier to dress. Used for beach and pink dolls.(awaiting a better body)
  5. This was a one off for Mattel an all rubber body bendy but knee/elbow joints rounded and not life like. I'm guessing to much money to make and prone to braking (Mattel can't have joints/wires pocking through with small children)
  6. Has a soft belly allowing for twisting and rocking.

  1.  This first doll is very much a DIY doll. I cut her hair and removed her legs swapping them with jointed legs from another Barbie doll. It is a wonder to me that Mattel love to give you jointed arms OR legs but not so much all jointed.
  2. OOAK head on a Fashionista body. There are two types of jointed Fashionista body they have different knee joints.
  3.  If you look on E.Bay you can find these very cheap bodies from China. They can be very hit and miss, OK if you wanted a jointed display type doll but I don't think it would withstand a lot of play? As to the head knob it gives the doll a looking up look and she does not come with any downwards movement. 
  4. The all new all singing all dancing Mattel body 'Made To Move'. Brilliant body joints are a little ugly but I can forgive this with the wonderful movement. They come in a few skin-tones so I have swapped a as many as I can but I wished Mattel would bring out a 'tango' colour. (Maybe with Trump being this colour it might come back into fashion)??? No, maybe not!
  5. Another new look the curvy (fat)/normal (thin) short/ tall dolls. An interesting idea that has not gone down as well as Mattel had hoped. Maybe if they had been articulated the results would have been better? I will never understand how whenever Mattel get a good idea they mess with it and end up shooting themselves in the foot?
  6. Pregnant Midge by Mattel (after all you could never have a pregnant Barbie as she's not married) Midge married Allan (Alan) so years ago. Great concept and she has a magnetic removable bump. It's also easy enough to swap the head of another doll with this skin colour if you so wish. Her arms are jointed and legs do have (some) movement.
  7.  Who said Barbie could not get pregnant? A Barbie head on a generic body. The body knob is a little wide giving Barbie a fuller face.... who does not put on a little weight when pregnant?
 Talking of pregnant....
 I have to include my Terleen in this group
She's just wonderful and who could not love those booby speakers? Yes, she talks, press the belly button and she drawls in her wonderful southern accent 
  1. Poor me double I'm drinking for two
  2. Bubba Jr get of your sister
  3. BELCH
  4. If the trailers a rockin don't come a knocking
  5. HaHaHaHaaaa
A few of my Generic dolls

 Bollywood doll, there are four in the set including another woman and two men. They are supposed to be Bollywood actors
 Jenny from Japan. She has an internal wire frame to make her bendy

 A Phicen doll. This is an older style, the newer ones have better joints and arched feet. I still love her, the mettle internal frame work it very good just wished her feet were a little smaller but at least she can stand alone. These dolls are very much for the adult market and come with medium or massive boobs.

 This is a Dasia doll. Big and beautiful. Not much play with her as she has such limited joints but good as a background doll. I brought two at the same time the other ones hair is fine but this ones fell out on arrival so she is now a wigged doll.

Sindy, one of the newer dolls by Hasbro She is wearing a Virgin Airlines uniform so she has stayed as is.

 Taking a look at the rubber dolls
 Mattel's first version of the rubber jointed doll back in the 1970's I had this style of doll as a child. Mine was looked after but still her joints did not survive and bits would poke out at the knees and elbows. 
 Jenny I've had this girl some years but as she is not played with I've had no joint issues
 Mattel's second try, I don't think this one worked out to well either? Mine is fine though as like Jenny she is more a display doll than a play doll.  
Phicen are pretty well made and I would think their joints would stand up to some play?


  1. What a great collection! You have a lot of variety. I would be careful with the joints of the Phicen, mine got one broken after only a few times of clicking her arm. The Sindy stewardess is lovely!

  2. Thanks for the great history lesson. I have some of the flat feet (huge) girls that are so pretty otherwise, I will have to try and swap out some legs. Thanks!

  3. I love your crazy cast of characters!!!! Especially Terleen!!!!! LOL!!! And the pregnant dolls......And Dasha.......

    1. Thank you, I must say Turleen is one of my all time favourites!

  4. I searched for the Terleen doll I cant believe how much she is going for! You have quite a great assortment. Waiting to see them all set up.

    1. I brought Turleen many years ago but I can imagine that she would have gone up in price as she is such a fun doll!


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