Painting Plastic

I've touch on this before but here I will go through the prose step by step...
First up room temperatures. Even before you start if you are going to use spray paint then outside or a well ventilated room is a must.
Not hot, not cold and not raining. Oh, and no wind...very important no wind if spraying outside... not an issue if working indoors. Remember the sprays do like to float about a bit and all surfaces need to be covered or use a spray box. This can be just an old cardboard box or something you make yourself.

My table in the garden is just for spraying and is well away from the plants etc

Another must is a mask, I do a lot so mines a bit fancy (I also have Asthma) but a basic mask from your local DIY would be fine 

Spray paints are easy enough to find just look around your local DIY or craft store, there is also E.Bay and Amazon. 
Start by cleaning what you want to paint then once dry I always use a primer, they come in three colours white, brown and grey. Not everyone uses a primer but I think it gives a better surface and blocks out the original colour.
My colours have multiplied a bit over the years and I have quite a stash. Most colours come in a matt, satin, gloss and even high gloss. You can get glitter, metallic and some pretty fancy ones too.
  As I'm in UK and my readers are pretty much world wide I'm not going to recommend any particular make as all countries have there own makes. I find most sprays are OK just check on the can that you can use it on plastic.
Remember to leave enough room around what you are spraying.

Lots of light coats don't go to heavy or the paint will run. If you do get a run wait until dry and lightly sand it, wipe over with a damp cloth and spray again once dry.
Once finished you can if you wish protect with a clear sealant. Again these come in different finishes, matt, semi gloss  and gloss.
One more thing nozzles they can get blocked and sometimes you can fix with just pocking a pin in the hole but this does not always work so I keep a few extras .... easy to find on E.Bay Amazon etc.

As you can see above they also come with different hole sizes I think this must be more for graffiti artist. They all seam to be pretty much the same when it comes to fitting onto the size fits all! 
Oh, and once your have finished don't forget to add some extra touches with some hand painted detailing.
I have a 'thing' for toilets...I think it's because I wanted one when I was a child and my parents would not buy me one? (for dolls that is...not a human toilet, we have always had those)
I've already posted these but will just go over it again.

Once you have sprayed your this case a toilet (in this case 12 toilets)
 Pick your seat colours and hand paint. Again just a bit at a time and some paints will need more than one coat.

 When you could get oil based paints one coat was enough but new EU laws paints paints are now all water based and just not so good at covering in one coat.

Paint brushes, again come in a million different sizes. For this type of work you don't need fancy expensive ones but you will need a few different sizes depending in what you are detailing 

And a few pictures of some of my past re-paints 

For more ideas check back through my blog.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I have a bike to spray paint, it's orange and I want it white, or black. I'll use your instructions! Your spray paint projects are all great! I remember the Sindy toilet very well, but never had one, or any other, for my dolls either. Or any other bathroom item. Now you have enough toilets ;-D! I love the operation room, and the van (I remember when you were working on that, it's so cool!). Greetings, Linda

  2. Great tips....One thing I learned also for preventing pooling and drips on large start spraying far to the left of the piece, spray across and past the piece and then reverse....If you don't do this---you will heavily paint on a piece when you reverse over/on it---then the paint drips or pools.
    And you are so right---multiple light coats with drying in between is the only way to go.
    And I'm deep in toilet envy hard to find decent ones alone and not with a bunch of other stuff. Great post!

  3. I love your rainbow of toilets! Great tips and so timely as I am about to try my hand at repainting my very first furniture. Thank you.

  4. Great tips here. I use a cardboard box to paint items too! The toilets? What can I say?!! You have the best stock of toilets I have ever seen!

  5. Wow, you've got a lot of great tips, especially the first one (your spray paint box). I didn't realize, though, the mask was so involved, but given the toxic nature of airborne particles, it makes sense. Love, love love the photo with all of the toilets!!!!!


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