Trains, Planes and Auto mobiles....Plus, Scooters, Boats, Motor Bikes.... Oh, and a Horse!

Well, I think the Tittle says it ALL!!!!!

 And now for today's look around INSIDE....
 Neal and Sarah's 'on suite'
 Start of the Hospital

 Some apartments now have the kitchen's and bathrooms

 A few of the cars are now in the roof top carpark

 Started on the school
 But still a loooooooooong way from being organised!
The wallpapers are spreading out!
So that's it for now. As you might have guessed I have changed the 'one home at a time' and gone for the ALL OUT BUILD!
Reason? Yes, I even have a good reason for doing it this way.....
What is it? Simples.....(simples will only be understood if you have seen the Meerkat advert)
I LOVE this advert!!!!

Anyway back to WHY.... Why what? OK, so Aleksandr can make you forget what your doing!!! We are talking doll room peopalez! If I do one home at a time and then need to move/change things I will find it harder to do than if I do it all at once! So
1. Sort the furniture into each home/ business
2. Fix the walls and floors
3. Decide who will live in each home/ work in each business 
4. Place furniture
5. Paint furniture as nessassery
6. As the above progresses I will continue to buy more furniture.... looking for the good stuff mostly FR stuff RC table and artist pieces by Amber, Maryann, Smidge House, etc
7. Change it all anyway!!!!!!


  1. You've been a busy woman! Great progress.

  2. Wow! I LOVE your vehicle scene. I'm about to post about a particular vehicle on my blog. But wowza. Love the variety in your photos.

    And looking forward to the growing of your doll community. I mean the settings, etc.

  3. My dolls are so deprived! LOL


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