I think I need more room?....>>>>

Yeap, I'm running out of room!

 Look I've got a desk and shelves!

 Glass (Perspex) side panel to Neal and Sarah's home

 Also a perspex panel at the end of the central unit

 Is that a room I see?

 Managed to pick up a FASHIONISTA KEN and in England the first I've seen!

 I have real working lights! LOL

 And now the flooring starts to go in

 Did I have enough?


And for those with a 'thing' about all my toilets there are seventeen.... then I found another one so that's eighteen!


  1. That is wonderful storage and your toilets are..... adorable! hehehehe.

  2. I just showed this to my darling husband. We are planning to build something for my doll collection and he says you have many wonderful ideas here! I hope you will continue to post your progress so we can "steal" ideas! Thanks so much for sharing this! It's wonderful! Including the 17 toilets! Whoops! I mean 18 toilets! :o)


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