Dramas and Dioramas

Now the temperature has dropped back to normal for summer (in it's 70's not the 100's) I've been able to get back into the doll room. Why is it so hard to do just the one room at a time? This first picture is from the school. 
Here I'm reinforcing the ceiling/floors and 'tidying' things up!.... I need new lighting and so as it needs to be glued to the ceiling I've come to a stand still. There's a story to the lighting .....I found some slim lights charge with a USB, sounded like a good idea not having a battery box hanging around. So turns out they only work when PLUGGED IN!!!! So OK, I look for a USB charger. I find a small one. Turns out it needs SPECIAL BATTERIES!!!!! So I look for the batteries the have to be RECHARGEABLE batteries, so now I need to buy SPECIAL BATTERIES and A CHARGER!!!!! This is not going how I wanted AT ALL! 
So I thought i would work on something else...maybe my cafe? Then I realise that I need to make the diorama that's behind it too as the walls are back to back...so along comes the flower shop. 
I want different chairs in the cafe so need to re visit the Asian restaurant... so i work on this and change/ repaint most of it! 
Lots going on but nothing getting done! 
Jordan does not want me to use my computer today! 


  1. I love love what you did with the asian cafe/ Marilyn Monroe theme- that is so provocative and chic! Did you take McDonald's stands and repaint them? So neat? I know what you mean about the heat- My new thrift store find - a wooden 1/6 scale dollhouse I acquired for my dolls is out in the garage, but impossible to work on it in this heat, even with the air going. Have to wait for cooler temp.

    1. Thank you for your compliments. Yes, I re-painted some McDonald's item's....I don't like McD so wanted something different, I had the Marilyn doll so it sort of worked itself out.


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