A few Dioramas finished at last

OK, so not completely finished but almost
First up Cali's Cake and Coffee Shop 

Just need to add the door

Notice the toilets

Next Phlox's Florist

Again I need the door

The school is on five floors. The ground floor is the Nursery (Kindergarten) I'll show you more on this later as I have changed out a few things and need to 'tidy up'
So this first floor is for the pre-teen children

 The walls are still a little bare as I need to and pictures and school work. I think it looks a little like the last day at school before the summer holidays. With the children all out of uniform I will go with this idea

Now onto the young teens

Moving onward and upwards third floor there are two rooms on this floor and at the moment they are without dolls
The music room

The other room is an
 Art Room

On the top floor is a playground and hall...set up for lunch. Again no pictures as I'm still finalising things.


  1. I think these new spaces are divine on your blog. I love the coffee bean cabinet, and your gal shopping in the tomatoe soup dress. Do you paint your doors, or cover them with something special...just nosey, because I tend to ignore doors, but they make so much impact.

    1. I use the boxes from the IT dolls as a backing and then cover with sticky back plastic. Then I edge with 3mm foam core board cut into 1cm lengths. I have all sorts of things I use for door knobs but most are pin-board pins

  2. I love the Coffee Bean Cabinet too - see that wallpaper or scrapbook paper?

    1. It's wallpaper, not sure why people would want it in their home?


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