Hospital Doors

I say hospital doors but you could use this method with most door styles.

You will need a printer for this one
Foamcore board
Repositionable Glue
Craft knife
Cardboard (not corrugated)
Black felt tip pen
Aluminium Foil Tape

Print your doors onto A4 sized (normal sized) paper. Cut your card wider and longer than the paper

As you can see your 1:6 doll will be taller so your card will need to be the right height for the doll 

 Cut out the windows

Use the window shape as a template for the window and cut your net a little bigger than the window you have removed

Spray your card with repositionable glue Lay your doors on the card near the top leaving a small edge around the top and sides. Lay the net over the window area

Gently peel away the doors from the top and smooth the net into place then smooth the doors back down

The doors do not reach the bottom. Draw a line to the bottom of card following the line already there

Cut your foil longer than needed and fix to the bottom of the door. My foil is sticky backed and at first I was wanting it all smooth and tidy, then I thought about the bashed up hospital doors and decided the slightly battered look was better! 

Cut strips of foamcore 1cm wide (you can make them wider if that's the look you want)Cross the foamcore over at the corner and very carefully cut so the edges butt together. Keep the sides on the side they have been cut for or the edges will not fit so well (done that a few times)

Glue into place I use a special glue for foamcore but most glues will work so long as you don't over glue.

Once dry cut of the ends and your door is ready to be stuck in place.

A few after pictures.....

LEVEL FOUR Children's ward and Maternity 

LEVEL THREE ICU/single room/day patient...or whatever floor 

LEVEL TWO Open ward

LEVEL ONE/ GROUND FLOOR Entrance to other floors and Cafe
Door template


  1. Do you have a printable of these doors that you can share?

    1. I hope this works? I just uploaded the picture to photobucket
      And another style
      Please let me know if it does not wot and I will try something else


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