A Quick Update....

Just a quick update on what I've been doing....
 Darius's place is almost finished ...it just needs the trim (floor and ceiling) Oh, and a front door

 This is the wet room and I need a wall and the light is waiting to be put up. I'm going to put a drain in the floor and a shower on the outside wall.

 Above Darius lives Chris and Kandy
 This will be an open plan living area
 And this will be the bedroom... It needs a little work!
Next door is the school
6th Form
 Upper School room
 Lower School room

 And the Nursery
 Outdoor play erea

 Only the nursery is unisex the rest of the school is all girls... boys go to a school in the next village!
 Next to the school is the home of Iver and Rumi
 This will be the bedrooms for Rumi's daughter Daisy and Rumi and Iver's son Marc
 Rumi and Iver's bedroom
 Their bathroom
 Their living area
 Below them is the new home of soon to be married Luke and Eden

 I'm not happy with their living area... it just not right somehow?
 And finally a 'just because' picture of Neal and Sarah packing to go on a weekend break


  1. oh my oh my oh my.... I am speechless!!!and believe me this is a HUGE compliment!!

  2. Love the school rooms. Everything is coming along quite nicely.

  3. I love your school rooms! Where did you get the cute little uniforms on the upper school girl dolls? That uniform is very similar to the girls who go to the Catholic girls boarding school near me. I really like it on the Momokos! I have a 'thing' about schoolrooms for the dolls, and have been collecting school room items for a school for Barbietown....

    1. I got the uniforms from EBay I'll see if I can find the ID?

  4. Hello from Spain: I love all your furniture. Your school is wonderful and very real. You have wonderful items in your collection. I love seeing your creations. Keep in touch


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