Long Time No Update....

OK, so it's been a while.... but you never even noticed I was missing? He He
Well it's been mega busy the last couple of weeks and mostly NOT in the doll room. Last weekend was The Queen's Diamond Jubilee (I'm English) so we had a four day weekend. I stopped with the normal building and I thought I would build a little diorama to celebrate this special time....


 OK, so I might have got just a little carried away?
Next week it's back to building.... and maybe some pictures as well?


  1. That was most enjoyable Suwi. There was a lot going on there.

  2. Hi Suwi-- that is so amazing to see! I was just looking in here at your blog last night!lol. I adored watching the Jubilee, it was hard to find it in the USA - I was very moved by the Queen's concert and the light shows and when everyone sang 'God Save the Queen', the concert luckily, was aired in the US. Here in Virginia, the county where I live is called King William County, named after William lll, who the college William & Mary is named after as well in Williamsburg- I live about 40 minutes away from there. This diorama must have taken you a while to set up! Really involved, right down to the burgers and hot dogs on the grill!

  3. Hello from Spain: congratulations create this diorama devoted to the Queen of England. I like the paper with the image of the British flag. I love the baby car. The tablecloth and the dishes are ideal. A great job. Congratulations. You have in your collection the newborn. I love it. Looks like a real baby. Keep in touch.

  4. Wo, your dolls had a great party!


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