The Hotel and Hair Salon

I have the reception area laid out although still more work to be done

No, it's not going to be psychedelic the furniture is just for placement

 The sofa's might be staying but covered?

 Along the back wall will be a lift (elevator)

 The dining room seats 16 and serves Asian Cuisine

 The maid is listening to the days instrutions

And next door.....

 JoElle will be opening a hair salon

 No dryers or flooring or wall d├ęcor

 But hay! They have a lovely floral display!

Not long now though and they will be ready to open? If only the dang workers did not want time off for Christmas... AND NOW NEW YEAR!!!! *sigh*


  1. Looks great! Do you have an actual start date for your stories yet?

  2. Not as yet! Just as soon as I have the dioramas I need done!

  3. This is so exciting. I can't wait to see the completion and the start of your stories. I will definitely be tuning in.

    Very beautiful work!

  4. It's looking good. I love your workers uniforms.

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