Furniture Furniture Furniture.....

 Bob showing my new lounge set
 and two new chairs
 I went to a Doll House Show a few weeks ago and brought a 'few' things
 Beautiful handmade table

 Shelving unit, old table, picture frame and picture
 Close up of picture
 A couple of rugs and some place mats
 close up of the mats

 Art Deco picture and four Clarice Cliff plates

 Small table, two working lamps, two Poinsettia's, three rolls of toilet paper (one is already in use)LOL and a vacuum cleaner (just needs a longer hose)
 A TON of baby clothes

 Check out those teeny tiny booties and mittens!

 Then I visited Elf (the company I went to this doll-house show to see)
 brought four wash basins with tapes and a kitchen!!!!
 I know it has a way to go before it LOOKS like a kitchen but this is what it will look like when done
Kitchens cost £75 flat packed this includes all the stuff needed! ELF


  1. Love all your new stuff! Especially the baby clothes. LOL! Can't wait for the stories to restart.

  2. Oooh, great finds! You have the best doll store!

  3. Wow, looks like Santa came early for you! Some interesting furniture pick ups. The Clarice Cliff plates are beautiful.:)


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