Part Two.... Rooms With No View....

WARNING..... 92 pictures! You might want to make a drink before viewing!

For the last few weeks/months I have been buying foam-board/core in readiness for the new TOWN! Yes, I say town as it's going to be just that and I will list what this town will have later but for now we are talking foam-board/core.
Anyway rather than cutting up loads of boards we are going to make the frame work to fit the boards...mostly!
So the houses will be approx 24" deep and 34" long the height is 17" all houses will be have four floors, there will be FIVE houses this size.
As you can see from the following pictures  this will give plenty of scope for one, two or even three rooms on each floor.
As the tittle hints I have only covered some floors and side walls as yet. The walls at the back will need windows and sometimes doors, plus if the floors are divided the the wall coverings will differ.
I was going to just take a few pictures to gage size and added Emma for scale.... but as always I got a little carried away!!!! To those that know me this will not come as a surprise... those of you new to my BLOG and who have yet to visit my site it's me... get used to it!
My Site just in case your interested is this houses my doll stories...The Priors plus a load of guff about me, my family and my cat Godfrey! these quite a lot about dolls too!
OK, so back to a 'few' pictures.....

Love this paper it's all glittery!

New dressing table

Glitter floor this time


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