Part One... The Story So Far.....

So this is the 'story' so far.
When I moved from my old home to our new one two and a half years ago I had the choice of either building a doll room next to the house or converting the loft (attic) The first option turned out to be the cheaper option so this is the one I went with!
But first I had to at least almost finish the decorating in the main house... that is almost done now and I neeeed to get the doll room built before I can finish the kitchen and study (more on that later)
So when I moved in there had been an old garage that was knocked down (unsafe) 

and just the base was left. So having made the base bigger.... in the winter with the snow and sub zero temperatures getting in the way of poring the concrete!!!! 

I purchased a new garage minus the garage door and window (has walls instead). This will be delivered next week and all being well will be constructed the following week
It will of course need electric and the floor and walls damp proofed and dry lined. Then a floor will be laid. I've chosen a heater that is on wheels and also has a timer so I can set it to come on for an hour every day in the winter.... need to keep all my little people warm! LOL Will also get an air conditioner for in the summer... can't afford it for the house... but well dolls are important! LOL
Next we (dad will be my (not so) willing assistant) will build a framework to go right the way round and give me four floors of display. In the middle of the room will be another four floored structure and at on end a desk with shelving above... Oh, and a TV... gotta have my TV!
So that's it.... the basics!
Oh, and in case your wondering,
I can't finish the kitchen and study as.... well the study is full of doll stuff and once all my doll goodies are moved I (dad and Daniel) need to knock down a couple of pieces of wall then the study can be lined and a new floor laid. THEN the cats can sleep in there at night.
Once the cats can sleep in the study we can finish the kitchen with the shiny work tops and doors.... not a good look if the cats are jumping up and scratching it! So you see .....I do have a good reason!


  1. Wow! This is going to be so cool. My doll-room, was already added on, but it has become a junk room. Since my husband wants the dining room and bedroom back, he is going to help me clear it and set it up for my dioramas. When he fusses about helping, I am going to point him to your blog.

  2. You're so lucky! I can't wait to see the progress!

  3. I can't wait either , it will be amazing..

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