NEW: Mini Brands RETRO

 More new Mini Brands this time it's RETRO.

Again I purchased three balls just to see if I like them... I do!

Five surprises in each ball. Some I think might be a little big but well lets call them family sized.

A gold Peanut Butter ... little big and gold a bit naff but OK as a family sized item.
A gold Kodak film ... this is a little large but maybe a fun decorative item or as it's gold a photography award?
The film fits in the EMPTY box, would have been nice if the came as one.
What in all that is human is VEGETABLE JUICE? Boiled cabbage water? Does it smell as bad as it sounds? Did anyone out there drink this? I just looked this up and it's still made so I guess someone does! I love vegetables but I think this would be a pass for me... is it like cold soup? Anyway back to the dolls, I have some dolls I guess who might drink this. The can is a little big so family sized?
The disposable camera, I think this could wok in the doll world.
Oh, I LOVE this, I need the car wax to go with it and a diorama is in the works.
What can you say... Cheese balls. Family (Party) sized.
Mentos...might be a little big but could work.
A small can of oil... Perfect for a garage diorama.
 A bag of sweets... family sized.
Batteries... well in the human world they come in all sizes so I thin these could work.

PEZ... looks about right.


  1. I used to drink V-8. It was mostly like a tomato juice, with the other vegetables added in. Thick, but not chunky. Do you guys have tomato or carrot juice where you are? I love the way you have everything set up. It looks like a game show that we have had for decades here in the US called The Price Is Right.

    1. Oh, and you should see the party sized containers of cheese balls that we have here in the US. They're relatively about four times the size of that container.

    2. Yes, we have tomato juice... not sure about carrot? I only drink tea, water or Pineapple juice so never looked! Is would be about the right size in UK for party/family packs.


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