The Airport Has Departed

 The Airport Has Departed

Yes, it has left my doll room for a new life in my loft room (second doll room)

When going through my photo's I found I had not even shown the airport before I removed it BUT I have taken some photo's so this is the OLD airport...New one has not even been started on as yet.

This was when I started it back in 2013

The next group of photos are from 2017


As you can see it was a very busy airport!


 Moving on to 2019 the airport was decorated for Christmas

Yes, even the car park was crowded.


This last set of photos are from just before I closed everything down and moved it all upstairs.






  1. Wow, your really took this a step up...on the 2019 version. I love all the people in your just know it is a busy place!!! Thanks for showing all the photos!!! Sandi M in Chicagoland

    1. Thank you, I just hope I can make it work in it's new spot?

  2. Wow, your airport was really hopping! Have fun getting it set up in your new area.

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