This is more about dolls than Dioramas

Over the years I have been asked many a time how do I keep track of all my dolls? How do I find names for them all and how do I remember their names?

So here it is...

Starting with names. I found a baby naming site and printed the list off. For the Poppy dolls I thought names that start with a 'P' and are flower names.

Once a name has been picked I add a note to the page hair colour and doll type.

Then I give each doll a tag with their name on one side and description on the back.

Then on the computer I go to my doll photo page

Go to the doll type

Then to hair colour

Next up open or closed mouth for Barbie's

Finally the dolls name

All dolls start with three photos. Head shot, head and shoulders and full length. Then any photos I take of the doll will be added to their file.


  1. Oh, Darn...I thought I was successful when I named them, and mentioned in a note if they were rebodied...LOL. What a system, though I use a similar system for research for books. Files and Files and Files...great post, Sussanah, when I get the computer in winter, I will definitely start this. This one is crying right now with too much on it! Hugs, Sandi M in Chicagoland

    1. Thank you, for reading and commenting. If this can help in any way then I'm a happy bunny.

  2. Thank you for sharing your system with us. I need to set up something similar for my dolls. I can't call them all Barbie or Teresa.

  3. I haven't been as successful in naming and typing my dolls as you have been. Bravo! I will have to rethink how I have been doing things.

  4. I use family trees and family portraits- I then do couple date photos or group selfies to remember who's paired with who and whatnot. I remember most from scratch but it's getting harder to remember family lines as so many dolls look similar due to face miles etc

    1. That's my next plan, match them up and work on family units. Some dolls will always be just dolls at work or dolls out shopping but making them into families will be fun. Now if I could just make a day 30 hours I could do it! LOL

    2. I have dolls with no stories and I call them background dolls. They normally don't have a family but they may have a job. I have one or two dolls that I like to put in the background discretely. A kind of where is Waldo thing.

    3. I think when you have a big collection that you 'play' with then some have to just be background.


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