New Year ....New Kitchen

 Today my new kitchen arrived.

Many of you are familiar with the old three or four part kitchen but what about the new FIVE part kitchen? I noticed someone had posted pictures in another diorama group on Facebook. It had been purchased on Amazon. Being in England I was a little shocked to find it available on Amazon UK!!! The new unit looked interesting so naturally I had to get one. These kitchens are pretty basic in the making.

The accessories are in the most part different from the older sets.

While there are things I like about this set there are things I think they could have done better that would not have cost them more money. A light up fridge instead of the cooker or microwave.

They could have cut out the strange screeching noise when you push the button for the light up effect. Instead of two sets of condiments, ladles and flipper they could have paired up the glasses?

The glasses are good shapes but only one of each (and brown)???? There are a few other issues and I will be re-making this set to be more pleasing to me.

I find it irritating that the labels on the food has been put on by a drunk, OK I know this set is for children but it's not cheap and a little neatness would have been good. So I have two choices I can remove completely and replace with new ones. OR try and fix what I have? Fixing would be the easy option but when trying to remove them they tear. OK, so more patience required and I'm not the worlds most patient person!

I think I will remove the old label's and replace? I do keep a stash of labels that I find in magazines that look sort of doll sized.

Oh, another thing I find odd the fifth new unit have a wine rack but comes with .....BEER????

If you just want to make this set a little more grown up but not re-make it and easy fix is to turn around the picture boards in the back of the units. The boards are plain white on the back.

Oh, and remove those silly stickers (not the ones with dials)

While these units are nice and can be made to work, for me as they stand they are to small.

So what will I do to re-vamp this set?

1. Remove all stickers, trying to keep what I can.

2. Cut the units apart. This is pretty easy to do with a small saw.

3. Sand the edges.

4. Remove doors and handles.

5. Remove the clear plastic.

6. Re-spray the doors etc.

7. Make a plinth to give the units height.

8. New work tops.

9. New backsplash and fix upper cupboards to the wall.

10. Make an island for the sink

11. Lighting (Maybe I should have given this some thought a little sooner?)

12. Oh, and I have a few ideas as to what I can do with the cooker with those sticky up lights.

So lets see how this goes? We are about to encounter a snow storm. Forecast is bad ...but not sure if it will be or not? If it is I will not be able to get to the shed and cut the units up?


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