New Look Hospital

Once I had done a re-vamp on my ambulance 

I needed an Accident and Emergency (A&E) department and this would involve a lot of moving around (as detailed in a previous blog) 
Once I had moved things around I had room to start my ground floor for the hospital. 
(Old ground floor of hospital)

I gave the whole thing a complete new look. 
First up I needed a new floor, the original floor was foam board covered with paper. This had warped over time so I replaced it with sticky back floor tiles, these give a more solid floor. I re-covered the walls with new paper. I use mostly free sample paper that I get from DIY shops. 

I left the cafe covered as it was.

This is covered with a self adhesive tile covering. 

I replaced the ceiling with new lighting.
I now have a much larger waiting area with a check in desk.

Then there is the all new A&E department built in the extension. 

At the front next to the cafe is a consulting room.

This I need to move when taking photo's of people waiting for the lift or visiting the toilets.

There is still a way to go before this is finished as I need to make curtains to go around the beds (for these I will be using some thick wire and 'J cloth' style curtains).

I also need some emergency equipment.
In the reception area I need a couple of computers and a sign next to the lift saying what's on each floor.
For these I need my printer and I have only just been able to make room to move it so I can use it! *sigh* Oh, to have enough room to work!

While moving all the ground floor stuff around I thought I might just tidy up the other floors...HA like I could 'just' do that!

So now I'm ripping ALL the hospital out for a re-vamp!

Short not very good video of the ground floor of my hospital


  1. Busy night in the ER....great start and an entire goodness!

    1. Thank you, day I will be ready to move on but I just can't stop messing with the dio's I've already done!


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