Merry Christmas

This is a good time for Christmas booklets and supermarket brochures  

 Many a front facing card and other goodies can be utilised for our dolls. 

I also found a lot of wine bottle labels. When I cut out the labels I included the bottles so I could match them up.

These green Sindy's bottles looked a little blank so I added some green to give them a more realistic look.

I'm working on making my own bottles and will be posting about that in the New Year.

I also found food a lot of gift ideas and!

For these I cut foam core to size a mix of 3mm, 5mm and 10mm boards. For cutting you will need a craft knife 

For the cases of beer I glued two 10mm boards together

I also used a (printer) paper backing on some to give a cleaner looking finish.

Rather than just gluing (glue stick) the picture on I left the edges to make things more secure.

I did add tape as well 


For other item foam board will not work and card or foam works better. The advantage of these is

One.. they can be cut with scissors 
Two.. they come in a TON of colours 

I'm still working on making pills but with Christmas apon us the dolls will be needing those Paracetamol and Ant-acids  
I cut up an old pill packet rounding off the edges with a nail-file. I tried Sharpies for the pills, this worked but leaves the pills flat.  So I tried fabric paint and this was a much better idea as the pills now have depth.

I make Christmas cards a few ways
One.. print cards from internet
Two.. Gift tags and stickers
Three.. sometimes the back of Christmas has mini cards that can be made into doll cards.
 For more ideas check out other ideas on my BLOG


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