Not showing mum's stuff today but a bit about me and mine. I had knitted in the past (as a child we would learn to knit at school. But was always to busy for such and 'old lady' thing. 
Then last year mum started to make a few thing for Amy's Barbie dolls. She had my Barbie Knitting book 

(there is also a crochet book too) 

She made Amy some lovely items and once I sore what was going on I wanted in on the act LOL. 

So I asked her to look at making a few things for me, mum was happy to oblige 

Now mum started to mix things up a little just using the book as a guide and making up her own patterns. 
By now I was interested and asked mum to show me how to knit. Took a while to get the hang of the casting on/off stuff but the knitting bit was easy 
I started with larger needles and making blankets for doll beds 

Then smaller needles and the baby blankets started 
Running along with the knitting I was messing with the Skipper Inc prams and I made some little baby bags to go in the prams. 
I was now working on decreasing stitch around to gathered tops. 
Next up I tried to make a couple of tops and a fun skirt (this one reminds me a little of a Barbie outfit with a pink skirt and black top) 

Now I'm working on a more lace look. So easy I'm just STUNNED. 
AND I made up a little baby outfit. 
None of these things are made using a pattern, I think it's my dyslexia? All that k1 p1 stuff ??? 
NOW I have just purchased some 0.9mm and 0.5mm needles that look more like long pins, I had a go last night and can't deal with the 0.5mm ones but managed the 0.9mm 

Where I go next? No idea BUT I do need to start looking and some of my other projects sowing/cricut/ diorama 'stuff'


  1. Yay, another doll knitter! You've made so many things! Everything I make, I usually have to rip out several rows, several times. :( The smallest size needles I've tried with knitting for dolls is a 2mm.

    1. 2mm is the smallest I could find in the stores the two VERY small needles I found on a doll house site.

  2. Bravo on your knitting projects!!! I am always envious of those who can knit.... I particularly love that yarn that has so much texture!!!

    1. Thank you, I was surprised how easy knitting is! You should try it, there are how too video's on YouTube


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