We all have our nemesis that 'thing' that we just don't want to try and make/do/invent! Mine is doors!
No idea why I have just never wanted to make doors. I need to my homes need me to I JUST DON'T WANT TOO!
But now is the time to bite the bullet and just GET ON WITH IT! See even when I'm writing this I'm waffling away so as to avid 'them'......doooors!

First lets start with the easy bit. There are doors in 1:6 scale that you can buy. Pedigree made them for Sindy waaaay back when. BUT you can still find them on E.Bay....... 
I just had a look BOY they are expensive now and there was only one £29.99!!! The other problem is the are a little short if you was to use them with Momoko (fine)

 or Barbie they will just about work

 but for those of us into Integrity Toys not so good.

You could of course make them work with some photo manipulation but otherwise not so good!

Another company that make doors is Houseworks but they are again to short at about 12" high.

If your very lucky you might find someone who will make them for you, if not them you are just going to have to make your own!
As always I had some help

I started with a template cut from 3mm foam-board. I would like one day to make wooden doors but as I have a habit of cutting me as well as wood I'm going with foam-core board. My template is 13cm x 34cm.

First Door is an opening door 

My walls are on the most part 5mm board so this will be the thickness of my doors. (I think 3mm will bend out of shape to easy.
Once you have worked out where you want your door and what way you want it to open  mark out the door on your wall. 


Cut with a craft knife across the top and down the opening side of the door making sure you cut right though. One the other side only cut though half way(ish) so that it will open but still be attached to the wall.  I then trimmed the top and open side of the door just a tiny bit about 2mm so that the door will not stick when opening and closing.

I used sticky-back plastic (SBP)to cover my doors. Cut one piece 10mm  wider than your door and one 8mm wider than door. Cover the opening side of the door with the 10mm SBP so it wraps around the door edge. Then cover the other side so that the spar covers the wall. Boarder paper can work well too so long as the pattern works.

(NOTE: If you are going to use border paper for your door then make door the width of the paper)

Now for the door trim, I used 3mm foam-core board and cut of some strips 10mm wide.

Using your door template Cut a piece of trim longer than you need for the top of the door. Then take a second piece for the length cross them over in the top corner and cut from  door corner to edge .... repeat on the other side. Do this twice for a trim on either side of the door. 

Use glue to fix trim around the edge of both sides of the door. I put a book over the trim until it was dry.

Second Door is a fake door

This is much easier to do. You will still need a door template then cut out a piece of card about 5mm higher and 10mm wider than your door template. Cover one side of the card with SBP. Cut one set of door trim as above. Fix around the door edge. This can then be fixed to the wall either with glue as a permanent fixture on with glue dots or blue tack.

Now onto door handles

While it is almost impossible to find the in 1:6 scale you do have several other options.
  1. Look for doll house handles.
  2. Make your own.
Option one... you are on your own!
Option two.... ????

For door pulls say in a store or some place small kitchen pull handles could look good. 
Maybe the easiest (the one I went for) is a pinhead a small bead and a sequin. Cut the end off the pin and glue into place! 
Other ideas could be drawing pins (thumb tacks) or beaded wire (not sure how that will work out but it's on my 'to try' list). Jewel box knobs was another idea given to me when I was inquiring on Doll Divas last week.

Once you have the hang of this or find the right type of wood... I'm still looking. You can make wooden doors in the same way for fake doors.
For opening doors you will need hinges. The advantage of wood is obvious in it being a more solid item but you can also use wood stain or paint just like human doors.

You could also cut out shapes in your doors and fix in small pieces of perspex. 

Another door idea is pretty simple, find a door on the internet scale to size and print it off!

Oh, and if you can find a picture frame the right size this could look good too.


 I used corrugated card to make these lift (elevator) doors


  1. For someone who doesn't like making doors, you did a wonderful job!

  2. i agree with Vanessa. Neat door ideas. Thanks for sharing and for the different doll height photos.


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