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Not a lot for this week and not really diorama related. I have been undressing all my dolls and having a major sort out. I have also removed all the jewellery and needed a way of storing the earrings. So I came up with this....

I found a FR box that was about the right size and cut a piece of sponge foam (about an inch thick) to fit the box. 

Then I just added the earrings

Now the earrings are all in one place and easy to see.
Next I need to work on a way of storing the necklaces and bracelets at the moment they are in take-away boxes!


  1. Great idea! Did you you make the earrings or are they all doll earrings?

  2. Brilliant! I'm going to keep this idea in mind, so I won't misplace my mini earrings anymore, right now I keep finding tiny plastic bags with earrings in them on the strangest places LOL!

  3. what a great idea! I have so many doll earrings and was just thinking how am I going to store these ittby bitty earrings? I can't keep upwith my own??

  4. Love this idea for storing earrings. A good way to quickly see and select what you want to use.

  5. Hello from Spain: I like your way of storing earrings. I use boxes. Keep in touch.

  6. This is a great tip. We are always looking for cool storage ideas.

  7. I just had to say that this is so great idea. I'll keep it in mind if I should buy too much jewlery for my dolls. :)

  8. Well I guess I'm all caught up now. Tomorrow I'll start reading the stories that inspired the town. It's so amazing and also overwhelming, the scale of this project! Just a quick housekeeping question, do you have covers for the shelves to keep all your beautiful items from getting dusty? Seems like it would be so much work cleaning all those tiny things

    1. I'm just so pleased you are enjoying my site. I have been writing away and will be starting up with my stories again soon. The doll room was sealed up when it was built (against Spiders.... my phobia) and this also keeps out the dust and dirt. It has no windows and the door is kept shut.... I have to or the cats get in!


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