Little Things That Mean So Much

The finishing touches for every diorama. Now I've been collecting bits and bobs for years and you can find things EVERYWHERE. Always think dolls when looking through magazines and catalogues. Even the leaflets that are posted through the letter box. 

 For small cutting I use scissors but on larger items my trusty knife.
 A metal ruler is best for this.
 I will post at the end some links for finding some of these paper cut-outs

This sponge stuff makes a great backing for pictures etc and comes in a variety of colours.

  This will help make your pictures more 'life like'

Almost all of the items below I got from Paper Minis

Printable Mini (free)

Paper miniatures for 12 inch fashion dolls this is a Facebook group (free)

Paper Minis

 I've posted a few links above but please if you have a link to any other groups/boards/sites post link.

Amy received a set of Paddington books at Christmas and they came with this leaflet.

 I cut them up leaving as much as I could of the background on the left hand side so I could fold and they would look like real books. 

The W.W.W. is full of pictures that can be used in your dioramas. Be careful though that these are not copyrighted. I'm no expert on the law I know some you can't copy and other stuff can be copied for your own use. I google printable pictures of ---- (whatever you are looking for)


  1. Hello from Spain: I love your creations. I like these printable lot. Great job. Very real. Thanks for sharing links. Keep in touch

  2. You have made me see that I need to invest in the tool that will help me do projects like this. Great job!


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