Chistmas is coming.... Part One

I thought I might forget the doors I've been mumbling about for now and try and decorate a few Christmas items.
NOTE TO SELF: Make sure you have everything to hand BEFORE you start!

NOTE TO SELF: Do NOT just throw things in the cupboard willy nilly not helpful in the long run!
 I had no idea what I'm going to end up with or even what I'm going to make when I started out.
First I brought a few mini trees and door rings. I thought I could decorate these (The door rings might  even force me to make a few doors to HANG them on? Or not? So once I had my items to decorate I looked at my bead boxes. A mess looked back at me so I spent a day sorting out all my beads. I then wondered if I had and Christmas flowers? So I need to look for my flowers... I found them but they were in a right mess! So I spent a day sorting them out.

 I had repainted some of these Barbie plants and flowers in the past.

 Left one I painted
Pot in the middle has not been painted

 Above... Flowers to be painted

 Below... Re-painted flowers from the Barbie Flower Shop
 I purchased a tin fridge with two shots glasses and some booze (not sure what to do with the booze as I don't drink and parents only drink wine give it to a friend I guess?) Below are the shots glasses filled with glass gravel from IKEA.
 Below are a mixture of flowers some are Mattel and some Rement fixed into bead vases with 'blue-tack' you could also use glue dots. If you want to keep the flowers in the vases permanently then you can glue them in.

 These are just a few ideas and next week I will show you how I made them and how to re-paint (Mattel) flowers and plants.


  1. Wow, it's amazing to see these minis come to life with some fresh paint! Thanks so much for the idea! :)

  2. This is really great and I love the repainted flowers. Looking forward to the tutorial.

  3. Great ideas! I love the bead vases, they look like real modern vases! The painted flowers are beautiful!

  4. i never thought to repaint the flowers. wonderful ideal. pretty flowers.

  5. The flower look great! Great job on painting them!

  6. Hello from Spain: Christmas is near. Fabulous Christmas decorations. I really like your furniture. You have a large collection of plants and flowers. Keep in touch


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