Barbie Bus Re-vamped

This is the bus I have been working on for.... TWO YEARS!!!!

 No mine was second hand and had been 'well loved' it never looked this good

First job was to remove all the inside. Some of it came out quite easy and some....not!
 I decided on a 'posh' bus so chrome on the outside and a black, white and chrome inside. I always spray with and undercoat first them thine layers of the selected colour followed by a sealant.
For the shell I under-coated the whole thing white the painted the inside white. That was the easy bit before I sprayed the outside I needed to mask off all the windows and holes. I did the windows first the the top. I left the door off until the end as this allowed me access to the inside.

First I sprayed the unit white. With this unit it had a lid that lifted when the drawer was opened. I wanted the drawer but not the lid but removing the lid left a space so I filled this with a piece of foam core. I then added a new foam core top.

 For the kitchen I sprayed it white and added chrome detail. I had a bit of an accident with the fridge doors and would have needed to remove all the paint and started again OR covered the doors... as you can see I chose the second option. I also covered the cooker top and oven door with black gloss sticky back plastic. Then I made a template for the work top.
 I painted the foot-well of the bus black 
 The spraying was a pain as it was very difficult keeping the white from the outside and the chrome from the inside!

Once I had finished with the shell and repainted the inside the next stage was to loosely replace the items and see how they looked

 This is the unit I showed you earlier with the pop up lid thing. Now covered.

 The tile effect on the floor is in fact the wall tiles for the shower.
 I've decided against the sink in the bedroom area and I'm thinking a mirror on a stand would look better?
 I chose this spotty 'wallpaper' for the floor. With all the curves and bumps I think the sticky back flooring would be a pain to install.
 A silver grey carpet for the bedroom. This is sticky back but it's a small space so I hope it will work?
 The meeting of two floors and the shower.

Now I need a bed and a table. Then fix it all in/down add the wheels and we will be ready to tour.....

Next week I will show you how the bus is coming along and if I have mastered the dreaded DOORS phobia?


  1. I love it! It looks great! I can't wait to see it all finished.

  2. That's going to be such a cool bus! I love the result so far, great job!!!

  3. Wow, what a lot of work! It will be really awesome when it is done. Any doll would love to travel in that RV because they would be travelling in style! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. what talent! This is amazing, and the color palette is wonderful!

  5. Hello from Spain: great job. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished bus. Keep in touch

  6. It looks really nice, I love the chrome, black and white colors. Great job!


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