Started with the Re-Refurbishments

Started with the Re-Refurbishments

The ground floor of my doll room had to be packed away when I thought it might flood, lucky was I as it did not. BUT, I had made an awful mess and now I have started to redo the whole ground floor.
Below are pictures of the shopping Mall. 
First up is the Supermarket.

 Looking out into the walkway ... across from the supermarket you can just glimpse the Bank/Post Office.

 Plenty of food on the shelves


Next up the Bank/Post Office

Above is a large Fashions store owned by Danni Edwards

 As you can see it's a busy store every one is looking for the latest 'must haves'


  1. Hello from Spain: awesome supermarket. Great office. Wonderful store. You have the best furniture and accessories. Great job. Keep in touch

  2. Suwi, your supermarket and clothing store are amazing. It boggles the mind to think of how much collecting and piecing together you had to do to get this look....I love the fact you put duplicates of the same clothing items on the rack just as a real boutique or store would have! Marvelous work!

  3. Hola, ¡que gran tienda!
    Tienes hermosos accesorios, estoy sorprendida.
    Por cierto, te sigo desde mi tableta, y no se leer ingles, ¿puedes poner tu gadget de traductor de idiomas de blogger o google? Gracias.
    Hasta pronto.

  4. Thats a ton of work.

  5. I'm glad that you sent me this link. You have a lot of very good ideas.


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