This is the kitchen we are looking at and it comes with all these accessories too.Kitchen is from Wilko as is the picture.


Dynamite, Ken and Barbie
FR and Homme
Kitchen on one plinth. The plinth is a piece of 10mm foam-core board  cut to size
Two pieces are better than one.
The units need to be 'tidied up' a little. A simple change is to just turn the background boards around so they are plain.
I covered the cardboard backgrounds with white contact paper and black for the oven.
It's easy to add a workspace just cut two pieces of foam core for the front and back of the unit I used 10mm as I had used it for the base. Don't forget that you will be adding a worktop so when working out the height deduct the height of the work top.
I still had a bit of 10mm spare but 5mm would really work better. I used an off cut at the bottom to hold the units together. These are then fixed together with pins but if your making it as a permanent display glue would work but don't glue until the end. 
Tape is always helpful for dioramas. Two sided tape comes in many sizes (left) Silver tape (top) Glue dots (right) and Electrician's tape is stretchy and comes in a mix of colours (bottom)  Masking tape (not shown)
I want to paint the oven black but first I wanted to prim it. I covered the light, battery box and sides with masking tape
I gave it a quick internal spray but I think really I did not need to do this it was just as easy to use a paint brush and just paint the oven black.

I used black electricians tape on the base board and covered the cupboard doors with black contact paper. The door handles are pins.
I made a island by covering a cat food box, it just happened to be the perfect height. I covered the base of the box (now the work top) first then wrapped the box in white contact paper. For the black base board I used electricians tape.

I repainted all the handles with chrome paint
The original paint job looked fine until I repainted the handles chrome and then you could see the red on the door so I will give this a quick touch up with some white paint but I think in the most part it looks fine.

I repainted the sink and tap with chrome paint
Height test
Don't forget it comes with loads of extras that I have not shown you.. because I put them some-place safe and now I can't find them!!!!
I can get these kitchens for you if your interested, they work out at $50 including shipping to USA or Canada. This is what they cost I'm not making any profit on them... just paying it forward.
More Next Week


  1. That is a really nice kitchen. It looks properly scaled as well.

    1. Thank you, The kitchens work well other than being a little short for FR dolls but that was easily remedied

  2. Nice custom work. I especially love your accessories, like the Union Jack coffee mugs!

  3. Hello from Spain: great kitchen. I love your decorating work. Very inspiring. Keep in touch

  4. Hola, que hermosa cocina, seguro todos la disfrutaran mucho, para muchos, la cocina es el corazon del hogar, hasta pronto.

  5. Very nice kitchen set - even more so after your modifications. Thanks for sharing. Wish I could get one ;-)

  6. Your kitchens and all your projects look great...wonderful tips in the tutorial, too.


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