Painting Toilets

A week later and no further on! Amy is now back at school but I have been decorating real rooms and not doll rooms! But I have been painting toilets....for dolls

Yes, I hold my hands up I have a 'thing' for doll toilets. I blame my parents (don't we always) LOL As a child I had the Sindy bath and wash basin but not the toilet! It was in the book i had seen it in the book I wanted what was in the book but my parents did not understand!
So now I have maybe more than just a few!!!!!

After taking the picture I found four more toilets.... there might still be more?

I like the Sindy ones best as the scale is better.

The first thing you need to do is remove the base. It comes off pretty easy with pliers. Then sand the base for a smooth finish.

When painting many thin layers are best or it will get a cracked effect.

For each layer of paint turn a little so you get all angles. Once cover with undercoat then your ready for the top coat. White gloss is what I use for toilets I think. Again thin layers are best.

Then once completely dry you can paint the toilet seat if desired. This I do by hand.

For spray paints I use
And for hand painting I use
I have a TON of brushes but for this sort of job use artist brushes. 

This method of painting will work with all plastic doll furniture.

I use my dad's shed for spray painting. You could do it in the garden but you need a dry not windy day. Not to hot and not to cold. Then look out for bugs! Bugs love it when your painting!!!!
Use a face mask if you can or leave the room immediately after painting as there are a lot of paint fumes when spraying. The spray paint like all sprays gets everywhere so I use boxes to keep it at least a little contained. 

For someone starting out with this you will need ....
White spray paint undercoat
White spray paint Gloss
Three square ended paint brushes
Chrome paint in enamel
A colour of your choice paint in enamel

I'm hoping to be back to normal next week so be ready for some crafty times..... might not be though as it's Amy's birthday this week! LOL


  1. Hello from Spain: your collection is awesome. You have a lot of furniture. I like your paint jobs. I paint with acrylic paint on boat. Keep in touch

  2. ¡que gran coleccion! Tengo ganas de verla en tus dioramas. Saludos de Una barbie en casa.


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