Build a doll room PART THREE

This week we are looking at what we can do with those Fashion Royalty Stands
But first off I was getting bored building on my own so I thought I need some help... Please meet my helpers. I've employed a company called Ken & Co
It's owned by Emma Ken (I bet you thought it was owned by a guy called Ken?)

Her workers, Foreman Paul 

and laborers Kenith, Thomas and William.

Finally Emma's daughter Pinky she will be helping Emma and I with the designing and the fancy bits.

I guess I had better fess up and admit I can't just build stuff without adding a story... I like stories and I always have some story or other running through my head! LOL
Now back to work!
 A lot easier than you think

Find a shade, I've used a napkin ring but you could use a bottle cap or card even a toilet roll! Draw a line for the inside of your shade I used 10mm foam core but you could stick two pieces of 5mm together this would work just as well.
Cut out the circle on the OUTSIDE of the line so it is bigger then what's marked. See if it fits and trim if necessary. 
 Push into you lamp shade making sure it's a tight fit. Perice the center of the foam core board with the end of your light stand (FR pole) and fix the other end into the FR base... That's it! For a different look you could bead the pole and or cover the base.  Don't forget that you will need beads with big a enough hole for the pole to go through. 

 Another idea is flocking but I will be going into that another time.

I've seen a lot of these staggered perspex tables and the FR stand are just perfect for this.
(full sized tables)

Use as many as you need to get the right height.Place them at right angles stacking them on top of each other (as above). You could make bedside table, coffee table, side table or dinning table. For the top you could use a coaster or place mat or what about mirrored? If you use card you could make a hole in the card and add a lamp. Use glue or if your only looking for something temporary use glue dots or double sided tape.
Another simple three piece table. Can be covered or left as is.
This is a perspex display table the perfect height for a coffee table but if you wanted to make it taller add a  couple of stands fixed with either glue, glue dots or double sided tape. Use stands under the table to get the height and keep it level while you glue.
You can either make them 'block' chairs or 
 glue the 'seat' to one side
 then glue the back edge. Place the back in position

 then glue the other side and straiten all the pieces out. When dry remove the lower bases. 

Add cushions for a different look.
You could make a sofa using the same principle maybe add coloured bases

Next week we will be looking at the larger sized room and working on some more ideas.....


  1. I absolutely love it! They lamps would be perfect floor lamps for 1:12 size! Going to dig into my napkin ring stash! I knew I was saving them for a reason. LOL THANKS!

  2. Hola, me encanto tu lampara de pulsera de bolitas o cuentas rosas, que ideas tan geniales, son inspiradoras, y eso que no entiendo muy bien ingles, tus fotos fueron muy descriptivas. Que bonitas dolls tienes, y que guapos Ken. Muchos saludos desde Mexico.

    1. Muchas gracias por sus lindos comentarios que ... Yo no leo mexicano pero yo uso Google translate de cruzar la barrera del idioma.

      Thank you for your lovely comments... I don't read Mexican but I use Google translate to cross the language barrier.

  3. Love all the ideas you came up with. The furniture looks great!

  4. WaaaaaaaaaaaW!!! I loved it!! XO XO Mary Ellen
    See mine:


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