It might be hot but things are still going on in the doll room

Yes, these last few weeks have been soooo hot! I have been more than a little worried that the heat would affect the dolls and the furniture, I've had a little glue melting but not to bad.

I'm working on getting all the houses set up then I will go back to decorating them.....

 The home of Rumi Anderson and Iver Macary. They live here with Rumi's daughter Daisy and their son Marc. Rumi is Sarah's older sister and Iver works for the government.

 The flooring is down and one wall has paper but the rest is still to do
Their bedroom... again one wall is papered and they are in need of a door
 Daisy's bedroom

 Marc's bedroom
 And the family bathroom the bathe etc will be painted white

Next we have the Edwards family. Actually this is Dani Edwards home as she is divorced from her husband Mark they have two children Beri and Rickey. Dani owns the Edwards Fashion Emporium and Mark is a pilot.
 Rickey's room still to be decorated
 This will be their garden it's small as Dani works so has no time for a fancy garden
Mark spends a lot of time at Dani's home he never wanted a divorce and is trying to get back with her. Here you can see a part of the kitchen and towards the back the dining room and lounge. Behind the wall and as yet with no door is the bathroom

 To the right is Rickey's bedroom and on the left Beri's again not papered.

Dani's bedroom

Then moving on Roger and Rebecca Willis the parents of Eden and Lilith. Rebecca is a housewife and Roger is a retired bank manager.

They have just moved to a small one bedroom apartment. The Kitchen, lounge dining room. On the right you can see a boxed off room this is their bedroom at the moment there is no door.

Agnes and Johnathan Hage live with their youngest daughter Akaine. They are the parents of Neal and Giselle. Agnes is a model and Jonathan a broker they have traveled to world but returned to England when they became grandparents.

Their bedroom

 How I think there kitchen, lounge dining room will look. Jonathan is standing in the hallway and behind him the family bathroom.

Akaine's bedroom.

 Not all the homes in The Priors are occupied. This young couple are looking around this studio apartment.

Faith and her husband Peter Copland live here he works in an office and Faith is his secretary...

 At the moment they are still awaiting the kitchen and a wall around the bathroom.

Next up another young couple look around a vacant apartment.

And yet another vacant apartment. Will this young couple be moving in here?

 Kyori Sato lives alone in her new home. She has a new boyfriend and she is hoping this one is a keeper? Kyori is a solicitor

 Kyori's bedroom
 Her lounge, dining kitchen with her bathroom in the background

Most of the homes in The Priors are pretty open plan.


  1. Love it and I know how gorgeous they will look by showtime. :-)


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