Still tidying up

I just never realized what a mess I had made and it would take so long to clean it all up!

 I forgot a picture of Neal and Sarah's kitchen in my last post
 It might look like McDonald's now but one day it will be Marilyn's 
 A walk in the park
 Rumi and Iver's home
 At school
 Looking down into the shopping mall
 Night club

 Darius's home

 Chris and Kandy's home

 Hotel penthouse

Hair Salon  
Hotel restaurant  
 Hotel reception
 Night club entrance
One day this will be an airport! 
 And this will be a cinema
 The Bridal department


  1. WOW! really great shots! I think I have the outfits in photo 30 but I don't know what Barbie they belong to. Do you? Darius's home is soo FAB! It really looks like him. I love the counter color in the Bridal shots too! Great choice. Did you make all the school uniforms? They are nice too! You have so many nice things. I can see where it is hard to keep it organized but you seem to do it.

    1. Thank you for you lovely comment, I have no idea what doll the outfits started out on as I never keep trade of anything!LOL I brought the school uniforms on e.bay they are nicely made for the couple of dollars that they cost each.

  2. You have made a lot of progress! Great job Susannah!

    1. Thank you, I should soon be back to where I was before I started dumping stuff in there ...just for a few days! That was six months ago!!!

  3. I never tire of seeing your space, even the messy areas. I really love your school layout. And that British drumset! Love it.

  4. Просто чудесно!!! Всегда слежу за Вашей темой. Жду новых творений...


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