School Time

Last week on Doll Divas the theme was 'back to school' well I could not get these pictures done in time so I'm posting them THIS WEEK!!!!

Still got some work to do I need to add the doors and windows amongst other things. Oh, and that little pile of clothes in the lower class are awaiting the return of a doll along with a new outfit.

If you want to see what I've been up to and why I've done so little in my doll room the last couple of weeks 


  1. Your school is fantastic! Wonderful job.

    1. Thank you, it will look a lot better with doors and a couple more windows!

  2. Man, this just takes my breath away! Can you tell me if Barbies or Dynamite girls might fit into the chair seats in the second to last photo? I'm slowing building materials for a high school and those look like great space savers...

  3. What great photos! I only wish had room for all my doll stuff. I love the little toilet set by the sink, so cute.

  4. Wow! I love the school uniforms and those chairs are TDF. Love it Susannah!

  5. As always, this is fantastic! Including the details of the nursery/day care! Those folding chairs are the bomb!

  6. Hello from Spain: wow wow ... I love your school. In my country began classes on Wednesday .. I really like the bathroom. Your furniture is perfect. Keep in touch

  7. I love your school, i love those school uniforms and folding chairs also.The drum is very wonderful too.

  8. Be the viewers of my good luck to visit me, please have a cute block
    I love you kiss


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