My dolls have had enough

Waiting that is! Waiting for their new homes to be precise.
I had worked myself into a corner and was suffering acute brain drain so what could I do??? Well I fiddled and farted about for a week and in the end I decided I needed to clear the shelves that had not been done and sort of sort out where things were going? Easier said than done I'm telling you! So this is the mess I'm in now....

Angela's Penthouse

April's top floor apartment
 Daniel and Amie's studio
 Harry and Giselle's beach side villa

 Jed and JoElle's apartment

 Jonathan and Agnes's house

 Karl and Karen's basement studio
 Kyori's apartment
 Marco and Lilith's apartment

 Mark and Danni's house

 Peter and Faith's apartment
 Psyched and May's apartment

 Richard and Izzy's apartment

 Roger and Rebecca's apartment
 Romian and Devin's studio
 Iver and Rumi's house

 Steven and Maggie's bungalow

So that's the mess I've made .... well I'm blaming the dolls THEY made this mess and now I've gotta sort it out!!!!! 


  1. No help from me! I want the sorting out to take a good LONG while so I can continue to be entertained, amazed, and inspired. Keep up the good work, Suwi!

    Love, Dawn - OSS

  2. I am green with envy- you have the coolest things to be sorting through!
    Pick a room, any room! Wow.

    1. Trouble is my dolls are VERY demanding... and very loud, they all want their home done first!

  3. I wish ?I was there to help! I'd love to lend a hand! Too bad I'm across "the pond". Keep working you'll get it. Remember slow and steady wins the race!

    1. I wish some one could! LOL Me dolls don't go for slow they are a bunch of slave-drivers!!

  4. Would loveto be there to help- build and sort! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have nothing to do but build for the dolls?? I sometimes think that when I'm in my oh so limited doll space. lol.

    Maybe go for Rumi and Iver's apartment, since they are part of the ongoing story, and you might need their apartment done first- prioritize who comes next in the story.

    1. Sounds like a plan....but my stories go all over the place? I love to leave things hanging and go off on a tangent!

  5. I wish I was their to help you have some interesting furniture. take your time it will come together

  6. Yeeeeeaaaa... Someone to make my mess seem normal! LOL But hey you have some pretty cools stuff to start with. Anyway you go you will end up with some really cute living spaces! Start with all wallpaper first?

  7. I love how everyone has their own space!! You have some great props can't wait to see the results

  8. Hello from Spain: wow wow ... Sorry to tell you this: you have much work and too hard. I'm telling you from my experience ... Courage ... sure you do end decor changes and everything will be perfect again. By the way, Richard is very attractive. I love the clothes he wears. Keep in touch.


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