Twin Bed Hotel Room And Pool....

So where are we now?

 Still need to paint the 'S' out!
 Love the clock radio
 The room is still a work in progress in need of lighting
 Ground floor reception and on the left the restaurant. First floor is the double bedded Hotel room and you can just get a glimpse of the Beauty Salon. Third Floor is the Twin bedded room and next to that the pool.
Finally got around to re spraying the bath white in the double bedroom.
 The new pool area... again I'm still working on it!

Below you can see another glimpse of the Beauty Salon and the Operating Room.


  1. Love both bathrooms and REALLY love the pool area!

  2. How fun ! What a great job Suzannah!

  3. Hello from Spain: the beds in the room of the hotel are really nice. The bathroom tile looks real. I love all the rooms you create. The clock is awakened as the real thing. The pool is very nice you. I like hammocks. Are original Barbie? A awesome job. keep in touch.


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