Operating Theatre and Hair Salon....

 I've moved the operating theatre to the new Omar Wing it's still under construction at the moment.
 The Hair and Beauty Salon has also moved to larger premises. I like to set things out and see if they fit before I decorate


 But often when I put the furniture back it just does not 'look' right and has to moved around.

I need to re paint some of the furniture still
Only just opened and already they are rushed off their feet!


  1. Oh my goodness, when do you sleep? It's a labor of love but wow, so much to do! Looking good!

  2. Love both, but I am really feeling that operating room. Nice salon. It's always best to have more space. My salon moved to a larger space and I still didn't have enough room for the nail lady. So I guess I will need a whole nail salon. Pierre is looking really good. Love the workers in their cute little outfits.

  3. This post and the one above are fascinating. You have an impressive collection!


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