The Ground floor of 2 The Priors....

As you enter the town of The Priors and you turn left towards the hospital you can see on your left two houses under construction. 1 The Priors  (soon to be the home of actor Neal Hage his wife Sarah and their two children Ben and Dawn. Sarah is soon to give birth to their third child and they also have a live in nanny Molly Lynn)
Next door to this is 2 The Priors this house is still under offer at the moment. This is the house I'm working on....
 The background is a photo used for trains but it comes in a biggish scale and I think it works? (green bit in the corner is the lid to the trash bin)
 The fences are just leaning against the walls at the moment
 This shows the kitchen. The units have not been painted yet
 The black frame is the door frame awaiting a wall!

 Patio is mini tiles I've just laid then there for now but if I decide to keep then I will lay them properly
The background pictures come from this E.Bay seller... they do lots of different ones and as they are real photo's are more realistic LINK


  1. You are off to a great start. Love the background and the whole front area.


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