The Meaning Of LIFE....

So I've been pondering the meaning of life... diorama life that is?
Do I finish each room as I go or do the basics and then go around again?

I have the attention span of a gnat... as I found when building the mall. It takes such a long time looking for things searching through box after dang box! Sooooo I think I will go for just the rooms and furniture then go around again adding the extras and wall art etc.

Not so sure this 'plan'... can I call it a plan? Not sure how it will work and like I said my gnat mentality might well get the better of me and I'll go back to box diving!!!!

Going back to where I'm at now... (click on photo to enlarge)

A few new items

Some supermarket pictures
 I need more booze.... no not meee the dolls... well the supermarket!
 Not sure whether to add more shelves or a poster?

 Need to give this stand another coat of paint as the pink shows through in pictures?

 Ken stands next to another blank wall in need of a advert or something?

 Going to make a case for the sweets

And now I'm working on the hospital, ground floor is the main entrance and the cafe to the left. On the right is the waiting area the consultation room and the lift!

 Lots of food on offer

 The space on the back wall is for the lift (elevator)


  1. You have done such an amazing job. Whatever plan you are doing, at least appears to be working from this side.


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