Stocking the Fashion Department Store

Menswear .... Already run out of hangers!
 The racks for the T.Shirts are a little short! They were originally made for Mattel dolls
 Now I need to wait for more hangers
 These ladies are still awaiting stock! Looks like things are not running so smoothly?
 Oops! won't get fare with only one hand!

 The Bridal department is coming along nicely though!
 But I still need more hangers!!!!
 These two are having fun as they dress the boutique
 But AGAIN a shortage of hangers
 The woman's wear department looks like a clothes BOMB has hit it!
 And again... we are out of hangers
The swim suits are hung but as yet no bikini's....WHY? Well no hangers LOL but I can't find my box of little plastic body forms! I guess they are in that 'safe' place with all the other things I JUST CAN'T FIND!!!!!!

So anyone got any hangers they don't need.... PLEASE HELP! 


  1. This is great! Department store will be one of my next projects. See you do it, gives me ideas. Thanks!

  2. Everything is just so wonderful!

  3. Susannah, this is fabulous! I love it all. I have plans to do a boutique one day. I love the shades display.


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