MIA but back now!

A lot of people have asked me in the past... why do my families have no pets? Well, it's partly because I could not find my animal box and partly.... laziness as I could not be bothered to look! LOL Well, I've found the box and these are what I found...

So I've had a share out and most of my families have quite a minaudiere going on!
Next up a few pictures of my doll room and this might help you see why I've not posted for a couple of weeks!
 This side I can't even get down any more. That stake of boxes are doll clothes!
 This is the run of shelves (homes) behind my desk
 The homes on the right are built (not finished as they all still need doors and trim! On the left is the center area and only the lower two floors are finished.  In the center still to be built are....
Beach with bar and cafe
Airport with check in shops and cafe
Cinema complex
Winter Sceen
There's more but you will have to wait and see.....

 To the fare side of my desk
 Working on the school at the moment
 This side is clear as this is where I'm working
Dolls awaiting their new lives above my desk
The other side of my desk next to the door.

So that's it until next time


  1. Wow, Loving your set up. I have a few animals somewhere around here too..LOL

  2. What a wonderful space! I love the idea of shelves and roomboxes. I could be in heaven and never leave the house. We have Stop'n'Shop which delivers groceries. That would be all I need. I'm so envious, I can feel the green movin' in...

  3. Nice space you got alot going on. Continue to enjoy yourself it will get done when it gets done!

  4. Hello from Spain: I love watching your doll collection. I see you have many pets. I have also many dogs and horses for my Barbies. I'm amazed that so many things have dolls and furniture. Your house has to be very large to have all mounted shelves all the time. Keep in touch

  5. Everytime I look at my mess I mean stuff, I get frustrated but it is good to know it is the nature of the beast to sometimes have to have more ideas and supplies than time and inclination. LOL Thanks for reminding me that this is a common occurance


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